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Mechanic's Liens Defined: A mechanic's lien is a hold on real property for the benefit of someone whose work or property improves the property. It is called by various names, including materialman's lien, supplier's lien, laborer's lien and others. Mechanics liens are also sometimes known as contractor's liens and construction liens. Historically, the term "mechanic" once referred to any person who peformed skilled labor, not limited to current usage that assumes a machine to be the subject of that work. Thus, at the time the phrase "mechanic's lien" was invented, the understanding was that such a person might be a carpenter, plumber, or the like. (source: Wikipedia).

Facts about Mechanic's Liens in New York State:
  • You have four months from the last date of service or work performed to file a lien against a single family dwelling.
  • You have eight months from the last date of service or work performed to file a lien against a multiple family dwelling or commercial property.
  • On public contracts, you have thirty days from the acceptance of the project by the public agency to file a lien.
  • If you lien a private property, the property itself can't be sold or transferred unless the lien is satisfied or discharged.
  • On public contracts, the owner will typically hold back 150% of the lien amount from the general contractor until the lien is satisfied or bonded.

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