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Our Accounts Receivable was getting way behind. We had a person who did our collections years ago that passed away. We were lost. We turned over our past due accounts, some even six years old, to U.S. Asset Recovery Services. The results really beat our expectations. They were able to collect 100% on the dollar on most of our cases. They're local and they know their stuff.

Fred Peterson Equipment and Supply Corp.
Yonkers, NY

After giving them the account, U.S. Asset Recovery tracked the owner of a local housing complex down to a company in Denver , Colorado . Their zealous follow-through techniques brought in 100% on the dollar owed us. U.S. Asset Recovery Services now gets all our accounts.
Annex Technical and Security
Elmfsford, NY

We had a contractor who went into bankruptcy. U.S. Asset Recovery Services took the account, followed up with the bonding company and was able to get our account back in the black again. They pursue our interests relentlessly and now get all our business.
P.A.F. Painting
Yonkers, NY

They took two accounts from a contractor who had declared bankruptcy. We never expected to get paid and were able to collect almost all of our monies within no time. We were really impressed.
Tri-State Acoustics Corp.
Dover Plains, NY

One of our contractors owed us over $40k on a job we did in a new Mt. Vernon , NY development. U.S. Asset Recovery Services dropped a mechanics lien on the property after which we were paid 100% of what was due within one month. What a great way to get a problem solved!
Scott Landscape Design
Harrington Park, NJ

We were stuck in a conflict between a contractor and a renter and were owed approximately $6,000.00. We had received nothing for the work we had performed. U.S. Asset Recovery contacted the property owner and without even filing a lien against it, was able to collect 100% of what was due to us from the contractor within one month.
Interstate Fire and Safety Equipment Company
Port Chester, NY

We were owed almost $10k on a HUD job we had done in Harlem . Both the Contractor and the Owner went bankrupt. The house was going into foreclosure. U.S. Asset Recovery filed a lien and worked out terms with the Title Company for us to receive payment in full from the new owner. Good job guys.
Community Plumbing and Heating
Bronx, NY

We did 2 jobs for a substantial developer with a history of not paying his contractors. This developer refused payment for three years and made many excuses why not to pay us. At an on-site visit to the developer's estate he offered to pay us $.10 on the dollar for the work we had done for him. We were owed approximately $11,000.00. U.S. Asset Recovery had a better idea. That day the developer made payment in the amount of $10,000.00 for the funds due us. You can't get better service and results than that.
Apollo Painting
Yonkers, NY

We recently hired U.S. Asset Recovery Services to assist in collecting unpaid accounts. They are diligent, persistent, and always keep us updated as to the progress on our accounts, despite the size of the account.
Ace Endico
Elmsford, NY

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